Little Black is recovering…

Hello! Everyone, I am recovering, see I am a fat boy now….

Hello! Everyone, Thank you for all your best blessing, I am recovering!!!I am a fat boy now and I’ve more strength to recover fast…

Yesterday, we brought Little Black to visit Veterinarian as he was infected by fungal again. Every 2 weeks, we need to bring him for check up and see whether there is any progress. Little Black is under medication for more than 2 months plus. Vet always shared with us that it’s not so easy to cure fungal, it take sometimes, some might even half a year. We need to ensure the cat can eat, dink and sleep, so the cat can put on weight.Then, he can recover faster.

2 weeks ago, there were still open wound with bleeding in Little Black’s leg, it’s not showing so much recovery. However, great new was he is kept on putting weight from 3.6 kg to now, about 5 kg. This is a good sign as our little guy is tough and he wanted to recover.

Yesterday, we received the best new that Little Black is almost recovered and his wound is healing. The vet was so surprise on what are the remedy that he can suddenly recover so fast. We shared with her that besides the medicine given by the Vet, we also outsource for fungal spray which recommended by Pet shop, we also bought aroma therapy diffuser with selected essential oil like geranium which helping for healing and also suitable for cat. One of the great change we made was to include Bio-active plant mineral water to his drinking water. Plant mineral can boast our immune system and it worked well with our animal friend too.

Sis & I, we believe in natural healing and avoid drug intake to our body, say a painkiller tablet will take about 3 months to detox out from our body, Just imagine how much toxins store in our body if we continuously to consume Medicine (drugs). However we are quite helpless when Little Black was infected with fungal as we don’t know what is the great remedy for natural healing even though we know the all medicines are poison. We believe this will jeopardize his health. So, we kept on reading and finding natural healing remedy to speed up his recovery. Finally, we are relieved that he shown great improvement.

Recently, Miss Mimi also getting flu, cough, watery eyes and sneezing. We are also not bringing her to consult Vet as we fully understand that Vet will give injection to boast immune  and also prescription of antibiotic. We are giving her complete vitamins and mixed with Bio-active plant mineral water, take care of her drinking water and food. The recovering process is slow, it all depend on her body immune system. After 2 weeks, now Miss Mimi is getting better. Natural healing will take longer time but it’s no side effect and also not harming our body.

The choice is on your hand. All depend on what do you want… Shortcut to treat the symptom or slightly longer process yet can treat the root of problem.





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