“Junk” topic?

Be like the flowers, bring fragrance to your surrounding.

Be like the flowers, bring fragrance to your surrounding.

Have you ever review on what are the topic of discussion among your family and friend?

Are you talking about positive or negative topics?

Are you keep talking about the past or the future?

Are you actually gossiping about others?

Are you complaining about others?

Are you show-off about yourself?

Are you keep comparing yourself and others?

Just be mindful and observe, most of the times we are surrounded by the topic of “Once upon a time…”, “Gossiping”, “complaining” and also topic which bring negativity. After the gathering, we are become more tired for our mind and body as we absorb too much negative energy and also wasting our energy for “unproductive meeting.”

Think about, why not be the one who can input positive topic in a conversation, bring happiness and joy to others life. I love to read natural healing book, I practice and I love to share with people surrounding. My body weight dropped recently based on my latest diet plan which no dinner, taking plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and reducing processed food. One of my friend checked with me on what is my secret and I shared with her on all tips, and keep chatting for a while and she was so grateful to my sharing. She mentioned that she also wanted to try out some tips to maintain good health.

How great that our little conversation can help others to enrich their life! After our gathering, people are charged with positivity and also full of happiness as we are not talking about “junk” topic. How wonderful!!!







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