Body, as a whole…

The best gift to your body is to take the real food which is full of life source like fruits and vegetables.

The best gift to your body is to take the real food which is full of life source like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Are you mindful for whatever food you feed to your body?

How about the ratio of your diet?

More processed food like pizza, sandwich, instant noodle… or raw food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds?

Some of us, might even complain there is no taste for raw food and we are so used to numb our senses with artificial flavour. Think about it, all this is our habit and mindset. Not forgetting, our ancestors were depend on raw food to sustain their life.

No matter how many articles we’ve read, documentary we’ve watched, on how to take good care of our health, we might not follow the diet as we can’t let go the “good taste on unhealthy food.” Some might be awaken when our body is sick, we might try to change our diet in order to save our life. Some might insist to follow the old diet plan as stubbornly believe our body can’t take it. It’s not the body, it’s our mindset.

All the sickness begin from whatever diet we consumed,  lifestyle, exercise and any food of thought for our mind. Most of the sickness take time to form and to heal our body also will take time. Most important, be persistence and follow your diet plan,  exercise, take good care of your mind too.

One of the simple method is to laugh 300 times per day, easy yet many of us, forget to smile, to let go our stress and tension. Once you are smiling, you are shinning out the positive energy and brighten up your surrounding.

Not forgetting to practice at least one of kind virtues to shine your love to surrounding, the simple way is to offer your smiling face.

“Health is wealth” Treasure it while you are healthy.

Always remember that body is our tool for spiritual practice.


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