A beautiful rainbow after a heavy rain...

A beautiful rainbow after raining… You’ll see your beautiful rainbow too…Be positive!

Most of us, we love to complain when we are facing hardship in life. We might blame on our luck, others and we are always looked out for external reasons to justify why we need to go through hardship in life.

As my mother is sick, I need to do cooking and also chores at home. I am so grateful that since young, I got the golden opportunity to learn and also cooked for my family at the age of 12 years old. My parent was busily earned a living, as such I need to cook and helped to do all chores at home. Think about it, without the past training, I don’t think so that I can manage the current situation. As such, why worry about hardship in life, change our mindset and look at things in other angle. Always be appreciated and also gratitude for whatever situation you are facing. Be positive, whatever happen to you is the Best thing in life.

You might experience difficulties, however all this will act as fertilizer to make you a better people.

Be appreciated for the hardship you are going through and treat this as a test in life. Change your perception and you can definitely learn a great lesson. Smile even though you are facing challenges in life.





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