I enjoyed the unlimited view of blue sky and grass field… How free, light and happy!

I enjoyed the unlimited view of blue sky and grass field… How free, light and happy! This is the biggest treasure in life! 

Are you appreciated for whatever you have in life?

Are you counting your blessing when you’ve money to buy your grocery?

Are you gratitude when you are having food to eat?

Are you contented with your life?

Some of us, we love to complain even though we have food to eat, home to stay, car to drive, cloth to wear, we love to compare with other people, we want more luxury lifestyle and compete with others. We restrict our freedom and peace of mind.

Today, I went to grocery shopping and I saw a man unable to pay for a packet of grapes, I accidentally looked at his wallet, so less money inside. This incident further awaken me that how blessed I am.  I vow to give my help to ease suffering of others and bring more smiling faces.

One of my friend shared with me that she is facing challenges to look for tenant for her shop house. It’s disturbed her peaceful mind. I asked her a simple question, “Who is the one bring this “disturbance” in your mind? Obviously, its you, yourself.  Imagine, if you don’t buy the shop houses, you are not going to face this challenge. Once you are committed, you can expected this type of “disturbances”. Most of us, we are being disturbed by our own “decision”.

Think about it, we are seriously don’t need so much in life. Recently, I stopped taking dinner, I enjoy more freedom in my life. The more we let go, the more freedom and  happiness we are enjoying. The more we gain in life, the more “disturbances” to our mind, however the more you give to others, the more happiness you are enjoying.

Happy weekend!



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