Do you love animals?

The beautiful resident cat in Vet! He looked awesome!

The beautiful resident cat in Vet! He looked awesome! I am practicing to treat all beings equally with unconditional love.

One of my friend shared with me that her daughter mentioned to her “She had inner joy when accompanied by their little puppy.” I am truly happy to hear that she realized that animal friends are just like us. They can feel, they can understand, they know how to express their love to us in their way, most important, you are their whole world. As such, do not abandon them when they are sick, aging or you are going to migrate. Once you adopted them, the beginning of your whole life commitment to take good care of them. Be good and loyal friend to them.

I heard a touching story, “Once upon a time, A little monk together with a man in a room, he observe how the man to put a pearl in the crown. The man discovered that the pearl was lost while he was out from the room. Obviously, the little monk might take the pearl as he was alone in the room. He questioned the little monk, “Are you taking the pearl?” “If yes, please return, I need to present the crown to King. If I lost the pearl, I might lost my life.”

The little monk remains silent no matter how many times the same question being asked. The man was so angry, he started to hit the little monk until bleeding.  A goose came in to suck the blood from little monk. This triggered more anger in the man, he killed the goose.

Finally, the little monk open his mouth and shared with the man, the person who took the pearl was the dead goose. He can’t share earlier as he worried the man will kill the goose in order to get back the pearl. The little monk is willing to sacrifice his life to protect the goose.

Ask yourself, Are you protecting the life of our animal friends? Are you treating them equally the same as human? Are you discriminate them?

You know the best answer!!!



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