Are you ready for death?

Death can happen in any moment of life. We don't know when is our turn. Are you ready to face death in positivity?

Death can happen in any moment of life. We don’t know when is our turn. Are you ready to face death in positivity?

How do you respond when your medical doctor shared with you that you only can live for another 4 months?

Are you ready to accept this news with open heart?

Are you ready to face your death?

Are you ready to accept this reality or you still live in denial mode?

One of my friend shared with us that his medical doctor mentioned to him, he is in final stage of cancer and only can live for approximately another 4 months. Of course, this new badly affected his morale to live and he is in such a negative emotion.

He is giving up on western medical treatment and now, he is on natural treatment which he need to change his diet completely, to drink smoothie with raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and others. Of course, he need to stop his meat consuming immediately. To him, it’s so suffering as he is always assume, no meat taking means no energy. However, this is only perception which instill in his mind deeply. It might happen to us too, we love to assume whatever we are thinking is the truth and also right. We might doubt on others and hardly doubt on our perception and opinion.

Besides, after taking 2 weeks of the natural treatment, he can’t see positive improvement and he is started to doubt on the method. Of course, he forgot that it took years to develop toxins, cancer in our body and there is impossible to heal only within 2 weeks. It’s like the dirty drainage, we need to clean it properly before clean water can pass through.

As friends, we can only keep motivating him to follow the diet, let the body to take good rest and also let the body heal by itself. Besides, we also encourage him to follow spiritual path to let his mind in peace, not to be disturbed and live in fear, tension, suffering and uncertainty. Let your mind be in peace even though your body is suffer.

My friend’s case given a good wake up call to every one of us that take care of your health, take healthy food, more fresh vegetables and fruits, exercise moderately, drink sufficient water, listen to your body, when its tired, take a good rest and let our body recover by itself. Not to regret and self blame when you are suffering from any disease as you do your best to care for your health. Besides, follow your path as early as possible and do not think you have time. You are not prepare when death knock on your door especially you’ve no idea where are heading after death. Your thoughts are going to frightening you constantly.

Why not follow the right path while you are healthy?








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