Good health…

Take good care of yourself! Let yourself like living waterfall which can benefit to others.

Take good care of yourself! Let yourself like living waterfall which can benefit to others.

I love reading. I love to enhance my knowledge in natural health and also healthy living. My intention is simple, I would like to share whatever I learn to myself and also to people surrounding. Good health is good wealth. There is meaningless to earn so much money and sacrifice our health. The joke is later we need to spend all our hard earn money to take care our health. Why not pay attention and start early to care our health?

Most of us, we depend strongly on medicine, whenever we’ve little sickness, little pain and discomfort, immediately we’ll consult doctor, get prescription, if the doctor not giving antibiotic to us, we might even ask for it as we believe this can heal our sickness quickly. Most of the medicine only can ease our symptom, relieve pain in short-term yet it can’t heal the root of the sickness. Don’t forget that all medicine is drug.

We are totally forgotten that we’ve a strong immune system which can get us heal from sickness. Why not pay attention to take care and make sure our immune system is in tip-top condition? Our body is ever ready to defend and fight whatever there is any invasion from bacteria, virus and others.

Give the right nutrient to our immune system, take more vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and others.

We need our body as a tool for spiritual practice. So precious to get human life. Treasure it! Make good use for yourself and bring benefits to people surrounding.



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