How well is your practice?

High-rise building is build from ground. As such, we must be diligent in our practice. Nothing comes easy!

High-rise building is build from ground. As such, we must be diligent in our practice. Nothing comes easy!

Recently, My mum is sick, she can’t do any cooking and also chores at home. As such, Sis & I need to take over the chores and I’ve to start to do cooking. I am grateful to my mother who has taking care of us so well for the past few years. I can really focus and concentrate in my spiritual practice, volunteer and charity work. I built a strong foundation and I can accept my mother’s sickness easily and there is no issue at all to do chores and cooking.

There is no shortcut in spiritual practice, look at the high-rise building, it started from the strong ground foundation. There is impossible for you to build the building from top floor first. Its equivalent to our practice, no secret but “diligently”.

To me, all this also part of my spiritual practice. I am practicing meditation in my cooking, chores and anything I am doing. My body and mind are One. I can easily aware whether there is any thought arisen in my mind. I am happily doing anything and meditation is not meant for sitting only. We can do it any moment of life.

Today, I took a day off. Early in the morning, I cooked breakfast and lunch for my family and also packed food for my sister as lunch box. I’ve cooked Organic Vegetarian curry with organic noodle, Organic sweet potatoes dessert, Braised Organic Noodle for my sister as lunch box, at the same time, I made coffee too. I am so mindful in everything I am doing, not rushing, aware of all steps and well-organized. All this possible with my diligently practice, no hurries and do a thing at a time. I am enjoying the process as I can serve my family members, when I looked at them eating happily, every effort is deserved.

Sometimes, we might be too busy with our volunteer work and we might forget about our family members. Don’t miss out the great opportunities to serve your elderly parent and it’s the best time to repay loving kindness to them. Of course, whatever we can do, it’s not greater than what our parent given to us. They gave a “Life” to us. Without them, we are not “exist” in this beautiful world.

As such, Be diligent in your practice. You will know the best how well is your practice when you are facing challenges in life.






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