May you be in good health!!!

Let your food be your medicine! Eat simple!

Let your food be your medicine! Eat simple and mindfully!

Do you appreciate whatever you have in life?

Do you count your blessing for whatever you have in life?

Are you contend by just taking a meal to give nutrient to your body?

Recently, when I went for meditation retreat, every meal was prepared by volunteers. Every morning, we’ll take our morning meal at 7 am. The weather was cold and in such a cold weather, the volunteers prepared a hot soup or porridge which really warm our body and heart. Think about it, to get ready the food for about 70 people, obviously it’s not an easy task. What time that our volunteers need to wake up to prepare food for us? How grateful and gratitude when we start to eat our food!

Sometimes, the food might be slightly oily, sweet and salty.However, we shouldn’t be discouraged or immediately dislikes the food. It’s a great opportunity to observe the thoughts arisen, our likes and dislikes. I remembered that there is a profound teaching from a good master, be acceptance whether the food is tasty or tasteless, when its salty, enjoy it, when its sweet, enjoy it…. We can practice non-duality during our eating. You’ll notice that you can enjoy your meal in peace and gratitude without any arisen of likes and dislikes thoughts which keep disturbing you and your little mind is keep chatting.

Have you ever observe how do you take your meal?

Are you reading? Are you keep chatting? Are you keep texting? Are you playing with your smart phones? Are you watching TV? Are you online? Are you busy taking photo and posting online? Are you complaining? Are you comparing the taste of food? Are you start your little mind chatting, likes and dislikes?

What are you doing?

Why not sit quietly? Be mindful with your food. Chew properly, at least 25 times before you swallow the food, this can help you to digest your food properly and most important to appreciate the original taste of food. When you are not mindful, you are not aware on the taste and sometimes, you don’t even know what have you eat. As such, most of the time, you eat more than your body requirement. That’s why we’ve all kind of disease nowadays.

Why not give yourself more time to eat slowly? When you appreciate the food in your mouth, the original taste, you don’t need to add in a lot of different sauce to enhance its flavor. Take simple food, especially organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains… all this food can give good nutrient to your body. Let’s food be your medicine.

Live simple, you don’t need much in life.

After the retreat, I am taking more simple food in life, to use the boil, steam cooking method and  more fresh fruits, juice, and try to avoid processed food which not helping our health. Moreover, I started to take 2 meals per day unless there is some special event. I feel lighter, fresh, freedom… You can take a try, experience how light is your body and how much freedom you are enjoying.

With good health, we can walk our spiritual path diligently, imagine if you are sick, how to do sitting meditation properly, your body might face tremendous disturbance.

For year 2016, why not make a change in your diet? Be simple, and live healthy lifestyle.

One of the best gift to yourself and others.

May you be in good health!!!






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