May our little action like the pink color flowers bring more color to others's life!

May our little action like the pink color flowers bring more color to others’ life!

One of the happiest moment in life is when we are able to share something with others, to offer our help, to give a smile, to share good thoughts and give good speech to use our skill, talent, profession to support others. Think about it, whatever you learn, your talent,skills are meant to benefit and provide service to others. Say, you are great in writing, your article is meant for others to enjoy and hopefully give your readers a moment of peace and happiness. If you are good at singing, you are able to entertain and also give a moment of joy in other’s life.

Today, one of my colleague shared with me that she might get hungry during tea time as she had porridge for lunch only. What I did was I bought a croissant for her. She was so touched as my little action can relieve her worry from hunger. Little thought and small action from us can warm and touch other’s heart. How great!

One of the day, I saw one of business associate brought ice coffee, it look really tasty. What did was I gave compliment, “Your coffee look great! I am sure its tasty. May I know from which coffee shop?”  Immediately, he offered to share the coffee with me, he mentioned that “It’s great to have companion to appreciate nice cup of coffee.” A simple action can cheer up people’s life. Why not continuously to give compliment and encouragement to other’s life.

Whenever I meet any new people, in petrol kiosk, supermarket, security guard, cleaner, hospital, clinic… I’ll give my happy smile and follow by a simple chat which can make other’s smile. When I look at the smiling faces, I enjoyed the true happiness in life.

Let’s serve others selflessly and share our happiness with our surrounding. Let’s bring more smiling faces!


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