Good Doctor…

Let's our action bring benefit to all beings! Let's us touch and warm other's heart.

Let’s our action bring benefit to all beings! Let’s us touch and warm other’s heart.

I accompanied my mom to visit her Orthopedic treatment every week. After a while, we became friends with the Doctor, and he is a good and profession Doctor, he even shared on the remedy to heal flu by just inhaling pure peppermint essential oil in hot water. Take a try, it worked so well.

As I have migraine from time to time, so I checked with him too. He checked, diagnosed and shared that it might due to the cervical spine (Neck Area, C1-c4). He recommended to take an X-ray for better diagnose and treatment. Usually, I go on weekend and the x-ray department is closed. I mentioned to him that I’ll get the x-ray in other places.

I called several clinic nearby my house and this service is not available. Finally, I am managed to get a clinic which provide this x-ray service, unfortunately,the technician was not confident and she never perform this x-ray before. She was worried and advised me to take this x-ray in hospital.

I went to the hospital to register appointment with my Doctor and then, I went to take x-ray. So many people in the queue, I took the x-ray and waited for sometimes for the report. The Orthopedic clinic will close by 5 pm. I’ve yet to receive my report even after 5pm. I received a call from the Doctor, he said he need to close his clinic as the main counter already closed. However, He passed his mobile number and asked me to call once I got my report. He’ll explain to me based on the x-ray report. I am so touched and blessed that I met such a good doctor in life.

I rang him and waited at his clinic. He came with his wife, apparently they are stay in the hospital hostel. He explained in detail, main reason was too much sitting in front of computer in wrong posture. He advised that we must lift up our head after an hour with our office work. Follow up treatment needed to prevent the situation get worst.

A good example on relieving suffering from the Doctor as he doesn’t want me to keep worry about the result until next appointment. He is offering his service to give peace of mind to his patient.

This incident reminded me that we must always think from other’s angle and perspective, our action must be able to bring benefit and happiness to other’s life.





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