How much stuff should you own?

By walking mindfully, you are the fountain of joy!

By walking mindfully, you are the fountain of joy!

We are so much better in term of material as compare to the past. Most of us, we own so many things in life to ease our chores like washing machine, dryer, i-robot, iron and other, in term of cooking, we had so many appliances like fridge, rice cooker, bread maker, air fryer, blender, chopper, slow cooker, slow juicer, toaster, oven,  you name, perhaps you own it. Perhaps you are also indulge your senses with TV, laptop, smart phones, sound system, massage chair, air-cond, fan and others. Instead of walking, we are driving, instead of visiting, we are calling or texting, ….

We might assume with all this material things and also technology advancement, we can spend more time with ourselves or family members. However, the truth is we are busier as we are working so hard to pursuit and own more things in life. There is hardly to allocate time to relax our body and mind, never think of spend quality time with family or friends.

Some might think that we are happier than our ancestor as we own so many material stuffs and also advancement of technology. However, the truth is more people are living in depression and the level of happiness is much lower than our ancestors. Depression will be the 2nd highest cause of disease burden globally by 2020.

We love to associate happiness with owning “Things”. You might be happy, however this can last for long, perhaps just stay for a while and then you start to pursuing for new stuffs. The cycle will never end until your happiness is not depend on external factor.

There are so many reasons to be happy, to be alive, it’s the biggest celebration in life. You are able to breath in and out, to move your body, to eat, drink, talk, think, smile, laugh, walk, run, stand, sit, laying down…. You can truly happy when you step on grass, looking at cloud, listening to bird singing, to be with nature…

You seriously don’t need to own anything to be happy… Let go your burden of life, free yourself, enjoy the beauty of life, here and now!




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