Being abandoned…

Yesterday, my neighbor, the kind-hearted aunty shared with me that a cat being hit by car and rescued by rescuer yet they don’t have fund for medical fees. Immediately, I committed to help this pitiful cat.

I still can recall many years back, I did hit a cat as I can’t see him as it was so dark and the cat just ran out, I felt so sorry that I never get down from my car to check on his condition. I’ve repented many times on this incident, however I can’t rewind the past, what I can do now is to vow to help as many animal friends as possible.

How sad she is? She is just like an elderly grandma being abandoned.

How sad she is? She is just like an elderly grandma being abandoned. She was lucky and she met up with a kind-hearted aunty who rescued her to a shelter home.

Moreover, she shared with me that she just rescued a blind dog, aged about 10 years old being abandoned and trapped herself in the drain for 3 days. My tears almost dropped when I heard about this.  I just imagine if this happen to me, how helpless and painful! Today, she found out that the owner of the dog migrated to other country and they just abandon their loyal friend who has accompany them for 10 beautiful years. Why not bring her along? Why not look for a sweet home for her?

Just imagine, can you abandon your parent or your grandma at roadside? They are our family members. They have celebrated the beauty of their life with us and why not take care of them till old? Think about it, if you are being abandoned, how do you feel? Do you like this incident happen to your life?

Once you make any decision to bring any of our animal friend home, remember this is the commitment for life. They are not our “toy”, “security guard”, they are same like us, only in difference form. They give their true love to us. Why betray them when they are old and sick?

Before you make any decision, always think from other’s perspective and angle. How do you feel?

We need more people like the kind-hearted aunty and some of my lovely friends who are willing to help animal friends without thinking twice. They treat all life equally important.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

by His Holiness Dalai Lama

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