Live well now…

I took this photo during my trip to Taiwan recently.

I took this photo during my trip to Taiwan recently. I am truly happy to see blue sky again.

Before I travelled to Taiwan, our country is covered by severe haze and quite sometimes we never get any chance to see blue sky. Usually, we don’t have any special feeling on blue skies, especially for us, we stay in a country which is summer all year-long.  The incident of haze deepen our understanding that treasure everything surrounding you, nothing happen for a must, everything is changing. Today, you see blue sky and yet tomorrow, you can’t see anything.

One of my friend shared with me that his city was covered by severe haze more than half a year, and the air quality was hazardous to health. It’s so blessed if he can inhale clean and fresh air.

Its similar to our life, our family or friend can be with us today and they might die tomorrow. Nobody can predict accurately what will happen tomorrow. Live well now and paying full attention to your loved one. Don’t procrastination as you might miss the great opportunity to celebrate life with them.

Few days ago, my neighbor’s relative just passed away suddenly, she was only 21 years old without any sign or symptom of sickness. Don’t ever think you can live long and keep postpone your dream.

Do it, act it and enjoy it!



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