Touching stories…

This morning, we brought Little Black to visit Vet again for his fungal infection. As his wound are getting worst and we discovered more new wound, we shared with him that” Boy, perhaps you need to be hospitalized until better healing.” He was so upset and he can understand well on what we are saying. Along the journey, he was kept crying and this was the first time, normally he was silent. Of course, We can understand well that he refused to be hospitalized.

There are so many touching stories that we can learn in Vet Clinic. A stray dog followed a man walked home from Light Rail Transit. So, the kind man adopted this lovely dog and he brought him to visit Vet for check up. He mentioned that”People just mention so pitiful but no action taken. Why not I adopt him?” What a kind virtue! Great example of unconditional love! Do it and don’t wait!

This lovely twin sisters being abandoned at the Vet clinic.

This lovely twin sisters being abandoned at the Vet clinic. They are waiting for good people like you to give a home and true love to them. They are truly adorable.

I am always give advise instead of “Buy” your pets why not adopt and help this little beings to have a place call home and share your love with them. Most important, give a promise that you are going to take care of them no matter what happen and give your unconditional love to them.” One of my friend shared with me that he need to giveaway his cat, 13 years old as he has a new-born baby. I am truly sad that in this little being life, we are their only world. Why are we taking such action and abandon them?

During our waiting time in Vet clinic, one of the elderly couple shared with us that when they are away for holiday about 2 weeks, their lovely dog immediately got sick as too miss them. Our little animal friends give their full-hearted love to us, even though they are in different form yet there is no differentiation on love.

In the process of taking care of Little Black, we are growing the most, he give us a chance to understand and practice compassion and loving kindness. His sickness deepen our understanding on impermanence of life and also suffering. We feel the same pain as he is suffered.

Vet took some tissue from Little Black’s wound to do lab test. Of course, we brought our little boy home. He was so relieved and happy!

“True love is selfless love” by Ajahn Brahm.

Let’s give your true love to all beings no matter what form they are in.





6 responses to “Touching stories…

  1. Beautiful and yea, our cats sleep with us and when we are away from holidays, they will miss us and being bullied and hurt by other cats. Our pets give us their love utterly and we only need to take care of them and lot of love from us. That is all they ask.

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