Embrace present moment…

Present moment, the most beautiful moment in life.

Present moment, the most beautiful moment in life. If you lost it, you are going to lost for life. You can reverse the time…

Today, I attended a good session of Dharma Talk. Usually, I am very mindful and follow whatever the teacher is sharing. I feel lighter, relax and relieve after a good session of Dharma talk. To me, it’s just like a good session of meditation. I enjoyed the food of thoughts. When you are truly present, you use up less energy in body. Think about it, even the brain only weight 2% of your body weight, yet it can use up 20% of your energy if you continuously and exaggerate with your thoughts.  Of course, you are tired as you drain your energy with unnecessary thoughts about past and future.

Why not stay at present moment?

Sometimes, I noticed people are busy to play with their smart phone to continue texting, online, checking email and others while attended to a talk.  I just wonder can they truly understand the teaching. Perhaps, after the talk, they might feel tiredness instead of relaxation. Some of us, we might think that if we disconnect or offline, this might affect the surrounding. Well, just take a try, most probably nothing will happen. We love to over assume the importance of ourselves.

You might be slower if you are “Multitasking”, do one thing at a time, you are definitely “Faster”.

“Always embrace life in the present moment. If it’s pleasant, enjoy it.

If it’s unpleasant, learn from it.” By Ajahn Brahm




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