Miss Mimi, “I need attention.”

Thank you Miss Mimi for sharing a good lesson, be sensitive and alert on other's need.

Thank you Miss Mimi for sharing a good lesson, be sensitive and alert on other’s need.

Since Little Black had fungal infection, he has been quarantine at home and he lost his freedom. We are extremely busy to feed him medicine, to clean his cat litter, most challenge is he always get a plan to run away from home and we need to close all our windows and doors, this cause poor air circulation. Its get worsen from the smell and odor from the cat litter, even though we clean frequently and used a good air purifier yet there is still some smell.

Past few days, our lovely Miss Mimi poo randomly at home, she refuse to use the cat litter and it added more housework. Of course, we knew something wrong and we brought her to Vet. After thoroughly checking, Vet mentioned to us, perhaps three possibilities, Unhappy, Cat litter is dirty and smelly and intestine infection. Miss Mimi expressed her unhappiness through poo at home. She might feel that our family members give too much attention to Little Black. We must be really alert on cat’s behavior as they are not using the same language, the only way they express themselves through body language and behavior changed. Don’t scold and jump to conclusion before we do the investigation.  Always stay chill and cool!

Lately, I am spending most of my weekend for housework, bringing my lovely mother for orthopedic treatment an also Little Black to visit Vet to monitor his recovery  progress. As such, I don’t have much time to do reading and watching Dharma talk. However,  this is a great opportunity for me to practice whatever I learn.

My learning, we need a lot of strength, unconditional love and great patience to take care of sick beings.

I am blessed that I follow the path and I am ready to serve.





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