Good morning, Happiness!

Good morning, Happiness!!!

Good morning, Happiness!!!

Every morning, I’ll listen to Dharma talk when I am driving to office. This is one of the happiest and peaceful moment in life. In the past, when I stuck in traffic jam, I was angry, restless, tension, disturbed… and now, I am at ease even though in traffic jam. I enjoy the journey to work, I am taking the best nutrient to my mind. I treasure the precious moment!

Of course, with the good session of quiet time and also food for thought. I am truly recharge, stay happy and positive. As such, I hum happy tune when I am walking to office. This morning, one of my colleague asked me, “Why are you so happy?” “Any reason?”

I answered him:” I am always happy. I don’t need any reason to be happy. We are the fountain of joy.” Think about it, why most of us, we love to tie “happiness” with “something”, like achievement, wealth, career, authority, power, status, praise, compliment,… Why? Some even love to procrastination “Happiness” to future, like retirement, graduation from children, good marriage,….

What is the benefit of gloomy or sad to you and your surrounding?

Why can’t we be happy here and now?

Shine our happiness to others.


“A happy smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.”



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