Embrace impermanence…

One of my colleague was offering an egg tart to me, I rejected it politely. I recalled in the past, before I became a vegetarian, egg tart was one of my favorite dessert and now, I don’t even take it as I change my mind that “I love chicken and I don’t take its eggs. As such, I let go to eat egg tart.” This incident reminded us that you are able to change your mind and nothing remain permanent.

Whenever, people shared with me that they are unable to change their habit and I always share with them that, “You are able to transform yourself, it depends on whether you want or not.” Everything is keep changing, you are difference even in a minute time, your body cell, your organ, your thinking… you are keep changing too whether you realize or not.

When I was in Taiwan, our taxi driver cum tour guide insisting us to release sky lantern for blessing. Basically, we were not keen, however, since he was a nice people and we didn’t want to reject his “kindness”. So, we bought a sky lantern and wrote our best blessings…


However, the people surrounded commented, you should write in all angles instead of one, this is our tradition.  Remember to write your name if not your prayer will never be answered. We replied politely, it was sufficient and our kind blessings to all beings. We believed our kind wishes and best blessings can be felt by others.

When we looked around the messages wrote by others, “Long life”, “Good health”, “Good Fortune”, “love forever”, “Get rich fast”….People hope that everything is smooth ahead their life and hopefully everything remain status quo. However, in reality it might not be materialized, Our health might deteriorate, We might die in anytime and any day,  Nothing can last forever…We might think we understand “impermanence of life”, but we forgot to practice in life, our action is not tally with our thinking. Why not transform from self to us?

Embrace impermanence in life! Walk the talk!




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