Beautiful little action…

Recently, I love to pay a visit to my neighbor’s garden to check out the beautiful bitter gourd plant. I’ll spend time to stand there and look closely to this wonderful plant.

The bitter gourd plant actually is growing in a pot. I respect its surviving skills.

The bitter gourd plant actually is growing in a pot and sharing its living space with tomato plant. I respect it’s surviving spirit and growing prosperously.

A little effort putting by my neighbor’s maid, perhaps she is only thinking to get the fruits for their meal. However, this little action actually benefited to many beings like the bees, butterflies, ants and others. Of course, this can also beautify the area and also supplying oxygen to the surrounding.


I am really grateful for her little action which can benefit to me too, as I am happily enjoying the beautiful view.

This incident reminded us that a little kind seed from you, sometimes, you might underestimate the power of it, however, it benefited to so many beings.

“Every single thing you do matters.
You have been created as one of a kind.
You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.”

by Andy Andrew

Look at the healthy bitter gourd…

Look at the healthy bitter gourd…

Thanks to all conditions, we can see the healthy bitter gourd. Think about it, if we miss out one of the condition, this can’t be happened at all. Be gratitude for whatever you have in life, say thank you and be contended even you are biting a small bites of bread. You are blessed!



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