Happy Volunteers!

The weather was quite chill and cold when we stayed in monastery, the situation became worst when wind blowing. It’s really cold especially for us who stay in hot country.

One of the day, we were practicing walking meditation to observe the nature, to be one with the nature and most important to understand the effort from the founder to build the monastery to preserve the nature and also let the nature to share dhamma with us. It was raining and also the also blowing, even though we were wearing rain coat, however, we can feel the chill and cold.

We were truly respect for the volunteer who led us on the path, she was continuously sharing and kept smiling, she was worried about us whether can we continued walking? Was it too cold for us? She forgot about herself, she was only wore the rain coat after several friendly reminder from us.

One of the stop point was to listen to the wind blowing and also experience the rain drop. The volunteer was stationed there for guided meditation even though in bad weather. I pay my respect to their selfless contribution. Think about it, we might quit and cancel the guided meditation if raining.

A cup of nice coffee to warm our heart...

A cup of nice coffee to warm our heart…

We enjoyed a cup of hot coffee to warm our heart and body,  all this was prepared by volunteers too.

One of the incident which melt my heart was we attended an evening Dhamma talk, more than 500 people and our dinner will be served there. To our surprise that we are given dinner served in stainless steel container which still hot with a total of 5 dishes. In such a cold weather, we are enjoyed the hot dinner, it touched our heart and our salute and gratitude to all volunteers who are so thoughtful and giving their best to us. How important to put other’s first!!!

In order to save the environment, we are using the stainless steel container, how much extra work needed-to wash the container, to dry the container…always ask yourself are you consider nature before you take any action? We must apply whatever we learn to practical.

Whatever we enjoyed in life, we must be gratitude to the effort of others, we can’t survive in a lonely island. Even to eat a small grain of rice, do pay highest gratitude to others and not to waste even a small grain of rice.

Let’s continuously to give selfless contribution to others and be a Happy Volunteers!










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