Clean your environment and also clean your mind. Let's practice green mind!

Clean your environment and also clean your mind. Let’s practice green mind!

The first thing that I did when I reached home was spring cleaning after my recent stay in monastery.

It touched my heart that how clean and peaceful is the total environment even though so many people are there. There is no rubbish or little trash in the monastery and all toilets are remain so clean.

I heard one of the sharing was ” The toilet is so clean, I am so worried to dirty the toilet. As such, I am so mindful when using the toilet”

Yes, this is so true, when you see the total environment is so clean and neat, you are not going to dirty it and you’ll do your best to remain the cleanliness.

As the total environment in monastery is so beautiful, people are remain in silence or they are trying their best to talk in low voice. I fully indulged myself in serenity, peace and stillness. Nothing is more beautiful than to remain silence and practice mindful talking.

Don’t ever let our noise to disturb the beauty of nature. Talk when you need to.

It’s apply the same when our mind is full of the seed of kind virtues, we see everything in the world is beautiful and we are so aware and mindful when bad thoughts arisen. It’s hard for bad thoughts to take root in your mind too.

I cleaned up my house, its similar like I am purifying my mind. We are continuously buying and accumulating some items that you assumed its useful yet you never ever use. Why not give to others or just put in recycle bin? Obviously, you don’t need it.

After the spring cleaning, I realized that I must be more mindful in buying anything, buy what I need and of course not what I want. Furthermore, enjoy the free space and clean environment at home!

Continuously to purify our mind, action and speech!!!





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