Let’s continue our beautiful path…

Let's continue our beautiful path...

Keep walking and we are going to arrive our destiny…

I was extremely busy for my work past few week as so many deadline to meet. Every night, when I reached home almost 9 pm. My body and mind are exhausted, however, I’ll spend time to talk to my elderly parent and also my lovely Little Black and Miss Mimi. Energy regained once I took a bath and I’ll continue my blog writing. I am so grateful to every one of you who are reading this blog to walk the beautiful path together, your caring  and motivating message, your wise sharing, continue giving biggest support to me to keep writing. My deepest appreciation to every one of you, we need the companion of kind virtues friends to continue our path.

I’ll take a break and travel to monastery in Taiwan to attend a short discourse. Its great to allow myself to soak in the Dharma water, to refresh, repent, purify and hopefully can absorb the dharma water like sponge. See you again on 2nd week of November.

“May you be well and happy!”

Take care of yourself and shine your happiness to surrounding!

Smile always!

See then!







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