sweet potatoes…

Do you how many sweet potatoes are growing underneath?

Do you how many sweet potatoes are growing underneath?

Sometimes, people might say that”I can’t see my progress in spiritual path.” Some might even give up on half way as they can’t see any progress. Most of us, we  are diligent in our practice in the beginning, gradually we might lose our patience and forgot about our determination. We might look for so many excuses for not follow the path.

Some of my friends who practice yoga, initially, they were so hardworking in their practice. Along the way, many of them gave up and they stop their practice easily. Some of my friends who are practicing meditation, the result is equivalent the same, people just quit when they can’t see any immediate transformation.

To learn something new is not so challenging. However, to sustain and continue to walk the path is most challenging. Most of times, we are so near to the success, however we give up at a few steps before “success”.

Whenever, I look at the sweet potatoes leaves, its act as a reminder that from the surface, you might not aware on how many sweet potatoes underneath the plant. Yet, the sweet potatoes are gradually growing even though you can’t see it, it’s apply the same to our spiritual practice. Be diligent in the path, you are improving even sometimes you can’t see the immediate result.

It’s like meditation, whether its good or bad session, no worries, it accumulative result even though you don’t see immediate transformation.

Most important, be diligent no matter what you are doing.

You can see transformation soon or later.


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