Living daily life…

You want to be associate with the fragrance of flower or the dung, all up to you… Your life, Your choice!

You want to be associate with the fragrance of flower or the dung, all up to you… Your life, Your choice!

When you are meditating in quiet place, you might easily to feel peace and calm, your mind not being disturbed or attracted by external environment. However, you might being pulled by your unstoppable thoughts in your mind.

Some of us, we might think that we are no longer in anger, stress, tension, sad, jealous and other negative emotion. We assume that our mind is always in peace and calm. This might be true when we are not facing any challenges in life.

One of my friend shared with me that his wife was very surprise to see him in anger as he is always patience and nice. He told his wife that he can stay cool and peace when nothing happen in life, everything go smooth. However, when he face challenges, his anger appeared again. It’s clearly shown us, how do you react when you are facing challenges? Are you losing your “Peace and Calm”? You know the best of level of your spiritual practice.

The best place to practice is living in society, working with people, dealing with challenges, overcome obstacles, you know the best how well is your practice. Don’t run away from it and assume you are in peace. Imagine, if you dislike someone, you close your eyes whenever you see him or her. Can you actually run away from him or her? Of course, no. Your mind is keep thinking about him/her even though you close your eyes.

There is no short cut in spiritual path. You must be diligent in the path, always give priority to understand the teaching, associate with “Kind virtues” friends, like soaking yourself in the fragrance of flowers, your smell like flowers. Imagine if you are soaking yourself in dung, for sure you smell like dung.

Obviously, the choice is in your hand!!!



2 responses to “Living daily life…

  1. This is very true, some of the wiser buddhist teachers would agree that becoming a monk as a hermit in the mountains is easy, but practicing right thought, right action and right speech while living a busy lifestyle in a city is the real test!

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