resident grasshopper…

During off day, I love to spend time in my little garden to observe the plants, look at the beauty of flowers, the daily life of insect friends and others. Nature is truly beautiful and no matter how many times you are at the same place, every time you are experience something difference. If you are not at now, you are going to miss that moment forever.

The more you spend time with nature, the more realization you experience in life especially your insights grow. You can relate the incident with what you’ve learned.

The resident grasshopper at our brinjal plant.

The resident grasshopper at our brinjal plant.

The resident grasshopper stay at the brinjal plant for quite sometimes, he assume the brinjal plant is his home and also the leaves are his favorite food. Of course, we never disturb his peaceful stay and what we learned was he is not greedy with his food, the plant still survive well even though with some holes on its leaves. The little grasshopper consumes his food gently and not destroy it. What about us? Some of us, we are so greedy to accumulative wealth and we are willing to harm others or nature in order to achieve our objective.

A simple example, just observe how do you take your lunch. Are you practicing mindful eating? or you just take your favorite food without chewing properly and you continue eating even though you are full. Have you ever experience this? Why are you react in such a way?

Why not take whatever our body need and stop eating when you are full. Don’t be fool by your desires. Be the master of your life and always take whatever you need and not your want.



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