blue sky…

Finally, we realized that a blue sky can bring so much happiness in life!

Finally, we realized that a blue sky can bring so much happiness and joy in life! You don’t need to search for the reason of happiness. You are always surrounded by all happy conditions, it depend whether you are aware or not.

One of my expatriate friend shared with me that before he transferred to our country, he studied and understood that our country is full of bright sun and blue sky throughout the year. As such, he was so excited and he brought sunglasses and sunblock. However, he was upset and since his transfer for more than 2 months, he never get a chance to use his sunglasses as the sky is full of toxin haze and the sunlight being block.

We’ve been suffered from severe haze for more than 2 months, this was the longest period we experience and according to weather forecast, it might last until early next year. Today, the haze situation  is worsen and the school closed for continuously 3 days, the air we inhale is no longer healthy.

Previously, some of us, we might not aware how blessed to inhale fresh air, enjoy blue sky, sun bath and warm sun ray.  We might not bother or pay attention when enjoy abundance from nature and we might assume this is a must. Now, we are suffered and it make us to realize how important and how happy to inhale fresh air. In the past, inhale fresh air might not be the condition for our happiness.

Treasure and be gratitude for whatever you are enjoying, nothing come easy and nothing is permanence in life.



6 responses to “blue sky…

    • Thank you for your message. We can always transform our mind, just shift our thinking, you see the beauty of life even though in suffering. Cheers!

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