keep smiling…

Today, I took a day off to bring my mum to general hospital for a blood test. I got a shock when I stepped in to the hospital, too crowded with patients. The total waiting area was fully pack and hardly can find any empty seat. A lot of people were standing to wait for their turn. This was the first time I ever seen this situation.

I believe one of major contributor factor is from the impact of severe haze in our country, it brought negative effect to people health. A lot of children and elderly people are badly hit by the haze. A forest burning in our neighboring country and it bring disaster to us. A great reminder that we must be mindful on our action, a little action from us, we might affect other’s life without realization. Think about deeply and think about others before you take any action.

Little black also one of the victim being affected from haze, he was suffered from counging.

Little black also one of the victim being affected from haze, he was suffered from coughing. We are not allow him to go outdoor.

One of my friend shared with me that when he can’t find any reason for happiness, when he is sad and depressed, he’ll pay a visit in hospital. When he looked at people who are suffered deeply from sickness, immediately he feel blessed and gratitude that he has a healthy body. He transformed his sadness to compassion to all patients in the hospital. He totally forgot about his sadness.

Just take out a piece of paper, to write down the condition for your happiness…. perhaps, you need more paper to list down all conditions, healthy body,  good eyesight, a loving family, surrounded by good people, able to read, to sit for meditation, singing, yoga practice, accompanied by lovely animal friends, cooking, baking, walking, jumping, running, standing, squat down, typing….

Why not smile?

Shine your happiness to others, let’s make your warm smile to be contagious to others…You can!

I am smiling now! Hope you are smiling too!!!

Keep smiling!




11 responses to “keep smiling…

  1. I am aware that happiness depends on my mental attitude and not on external conditions, and that I can live happily in the present moment simply by remembering that I already have more than enough conditions to be happy. -Thich Nhat Hanh

  2. Li Jiun, I hope your mother got the help she needed at the hospital and will soon be well again. It is so hard when our parents are ill and in need of help. I understand as my parents are both elderly now with many problems, and need a lot of assistance. It is a very pure love we can offer our parents, as they offered theirs when we were children. I’m sure there is a lot more for you to do at home now to help out, and I’m glad you are still writing and sharing your wisdom.

    Where is the fire? I hope it is soon put out and the land can heal. Please take good care of yourself and hold on to your peace and happiness. With metta, WG

    • Thank you very much for your kindness as always! We are blessed that we can take care our elderly parent, it’s great to practice filial piety. The forest fire is in Indonesia and it affected neighboring countries and also bring harm to all beings in the forest. Let’s give our best blessings to all beings, “May all beings be well and happy.” With metta, Li Jiun

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