Life transformation…

I treasured the moment of spending time with nature.

The happiest thing to do during weekend is to take a walk in our lovely garden, be contact and embrace myself in nature. It’s really wonderful to practice yoga, mindful walking and breathing.

Today, I am truly happy as being accompanied by Little Black. Finally, he was home after spent 8 days in  in veterinary for neuter and also wound cleansing  from cat bite.

Welcome home, our Little gem, Little black!

Welcome home, our Little gem, Little black!

Miss Mimi is truly happy and joy to welcome her dearest brother home. We are so touched with the great loving relationship and moreover, they’ve no blood relationship yet they care so much about each other. We are blessed to have 2 Little gem at home.

Our family observed clearly that Little Black is transforming from his normal behavior, he hang out less and he love to spend time at home to take a rest or sleeping.  It’s a great sign that this can reduce the possibility being attacked by other cats again. Little Black might learn a great lesson that if he get injure again, he need to stay in a little cage which he can’t enjoy any freedom.

It reminded us that some of us, we might aware on impermanence of life, cause and effect and yet we don’t practice diligently as nothing happen to us and we live a comfortable life. No matter what other advise, we refuse to transform or make any changes in life.

There is a profound teaching from Buddha.

“The Buddha told his followers there are four kinds of horses.

The first sees merely the form of the whip and runs.

The second reacts when the whip taps its hair.

The third is aroused when the whip contacts its flesh.

The fourth is animated when the whip touches its bone.

In human terms,

The fourth horse is like a person who, close to death, is able to grasp reality.

The third is like a person who goes through the death of a loved one and is able to feel the inconstancy of life.

The second is like one who faces impermanence within their own community and is able to realize this fact of life.

The first is like one who realizes the impermanence of all of existence and is vitalized by that realization.

Let’s contemplate, which category are you in?

Happy Sunday!




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