Look outward?

A snail is relaxing in green grass?

A snail is relaxing in green grass?

When you look at the photo, what is in your mind?

Sometimes, we are easily being influenced by whatever we see. We believe so much on our eyes. In reality, whatever we see might not be the truth. Our thinking pattern  is being affected by past experience, knowledge and other elements.

The truth!!!

The truth!!!

Any one of you know that the snail was dead?

Don’t depend and trust your senses, contemplate whatever happen and you know the truth. Besides, we love to judge others based on appearance and start to form our opinion and perceptions on others. Most of the perceptions are self-imagination.

When we are in a retreat or doing volunteer work, some of us, we intend to look outward and observe on what other people are doing, we love to find faults or make comparison with others. Some common questions like, “Why others sleeping during retreat?”, “Why that people so stupid? Why can’t they know easy way to complete task?, ” Why they don’t clean the floor properly?”, “Why can’t they cook delicious food?”…

Instead of look inward, to know ourselves better, we spend all our time to look and observe on others. Our mind is more disturbed after a retreat as we don’t treasure the time to purify and cleanse ourselves.

What’s the meaning of attending a retreat?

Always look inward and enjoy the stillness!


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