anger makes you blind…

What is this?

Guess, What is this?

Initially, I thought it was a cherry tomato, the color is so bright and nice. When I look closely, it was an orange mushroom.

Some of us, we love to make assumption based on our past memory or experience, it make us easily to jump to conclusion without proper diagnose or take time to do contemplation. It might mislead us to take the wrong action.

When you are angry, not to talk or text or write something to others, take a deep breath and embrace your anger with mindfulness, gradually, your anger disappeared. Your mind going crazy with wild thoughts, you are being drowned with anger, you can’t think properly, definitely you can’t give your loving kindness and compassion to others.  The only thing you can do is to intoxicant others with the toxins of anger. At this moment, there is no way to differentiate what is right or right action. Don’t make any decision when you are in anger.

By practicing diligently, you are able to transform anger to loving-kindness and compassion. You are able to give your best blessings to people who are still carried on unwholesome action, “May your wisdom life grow.”, “May you be well and happy!”

Let’s continue our practice!




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