Suffering is the best spiritual nutrient…

A lot of great lessons happened in my life last week.

My mind is not in peace and constantly being disturbed like the wild monkey thoughts. I am blessed that I am aware on all this thoughts arisen and cease. I can see my suffering deep in my heart.

We need compassion and wisdom to solve all challenges facing in life, moreover we also need a group of spiritual community to be surrounded when we are in deep suffering.

We might read a lot of book and teaching on how to transform our suffering, its look easy when all this incident happen to other people and nothing to do with us. However, when you are the one who facing suffering, it’s so different. We need so much strength and determination to go back to our practice.

I found the most effective way to ease our suffering is to acknowledge it and to know where is the suffering come from with mindfulness and loving-kindness. I always practice meditation when I know my suffering. Solutions arisen in your mind after a good session of meditation. No matter how much you spend for thinking, you might never find the right solution.


As such, not to worry when you are seeing your suffering, continue your practice and let it be the nutrient to strengthen your spiritual practice. I always inspired when I look at the beautiful and pure lotus flower, it grow from the mud yet never get a drop of mud on it. Embrace your suffering  and let it be your spiritual nutrient!





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