Actions speak louder than words…

You can touch other's heart through your god action.

You can touch other’s heart through your good action.

We can read the menu, yet we can’t taste the food.

We can read the book, yet we can’t experience it.

We can learn swimming in theory, yet we can’t swim.touch

Today, I brought my mum to visit a Chinese Orthopedic to relieve her back pain. We arrived at the clinic about 11 am, and there are long queue, many patients in waiting line. We waited until 12:30 pm and yet to be our turn. We thought we need to come again after the lunch break which was from 12:30 noon- 2:00 pm.

However, the nurse called us in even at 12:40 noon and the doctor was so professional, he gave a good diagnose, explanation and recommendation of treatment.  Moreover, the doctor gave my mother a session of Orthopedic Massage Therapy. We kept apologize and express our gratitude to the Doctor and nurse that they need to shorten their lunch break because of us.

We pay respect to people who is really professional, caring, loving through their action. Actions are more powerful than saying.

Walk the talk and not talk the walk!

You might inspired and transformed others through your action!!!








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