Why worry? Live well now!

Some of us, we are put all our effort to plan for future, we even postpone our happiness to future. Some might even think that”If I work hard now, I can earn a lot of money, then I can buy whatever I want like luxury car, beautiful house, designer clothes and bag, good food and others. Then, I can live happily.”

“If one day, my son or daughter can be a doctor, engineer, pharmacist or any professional profession, I’ll be extremely happy by then.”

Why should we procrastination our happiness for future? Why can’t we be happy at here and now? There are so many reasons for us to be happy, you can see, you can smell, you can walk, you can laugh, you can hear, you can jump, you can run, you can play, you can eat, you can talk, you can move, you can think, you can sing, you can sit, you can meditate, you can drink, you can swallow, you can smile, you can breathe and ……

Some might be so worry about future.  Sometimes, we might hear that people are praying hard for “everything goes smooth in life, everything remain unchanged, good health, good wealth, long life, good result for children….” If we are facing challenges or difficulties in life, we are going to blame on “prayer”. However, in reality, we are going to face uncertainty and impermanence yet we hope that everything remain status quo. Our thinking is totally upside down.

Why should we worry about future? You can’t change anything happen just by your “worry”, “stress” or “fear. Why not live well at this moment of life? Most of the times, whatever you are worry might not happen at all.

So, why worry? Why waste energy on unproductive thoughts?

Little Black is always our great teacher, he is showing us on "impermanence" in life.

Little Black is always our little teacher, he is showing us on “impermanence” in life. Anything can happen… Our best blessings to him, “Get well soon”

My recent experience was Little Black was injured again and being bite by other cats, he had infection and fever. It happened so sudden without any notice, we need to accept and sent him to veterinarian for hospitalization. Quite a number times, we plan to neuter him yet along way,  he was facing obstacles that prohibited him from neuter. However, our veterinarian proposed to us to get him neutered during his stay in hospital. Tomorrow, Little Black will undergo the minor surgery and we want him to stay in hospital until fully recover.

We can’t control anything happen in future, yet we can learn to accept and enjoy along way. There is no need to live in fear or put yourself in over worry condition for tomorrow.

Live well now, you are going to live well for future too.










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