ask your conscience…

Live within your means and not beyond your mean. Why not bring happiness to your life and others?

Live within your means and not beyond your mean. Why not bring happiness to your life and others?

Most of us, we might read the teaching that you must live at now, don’t dwell your mind to the past and future. You are alive if your body and mind is united. You can enjoy and live well in your in and out breath.

I understood well and I am a practitioner too. Yesterday, I was shocked that one of my relative wanted to borrow money from my elderly mother for their house renovation. My mother was suffered from nerve pain and not in good health condition.Why can’t they see her body suffering? Why are they want to give mental suffering to her? Let her to be worry about their financial status.

In reality, my relative might not be poor, they own a big house, nice cars, good life, good income and some more, they want to borrow money from their elderly aunty who is old, sick and poor. Why are they so selfish and only think about themselves without consideration of others? Why are they putting their happiness to other’s suffering? Why not live within their means? Why are they disturb other’s life due to their greed? Why are they repeat their habit?

There were so many thoughts arisen in my mind like wild monkeys. I am glad that I am aware and I can bring my mind home to my body, to relax, calm it and gradually enjoy the peace of mind.

This is a great lesson for us to contemplate, we might be blind when our desires is dominated our life, we just want “MORE” for ourselves and we focus so much on “I”, “Me”, “Mine” happiness and sensual pleasures without consideration of others. We never think about what is the implications of our action to other’s life.

Am I right or wrong? Are I bringing happiness or suffering to others?

Ask your conscience! You know the best answer!









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