Wisdom and compassion…

Use both of your compassion and wisdom when making any decision. Be wise!!!

Use both of your compassion and wisdom when making any decision. Be wise!!!

We are facing a lot of challenging situation in life. We need to use our wisdom for solution instead of emotional.

When your relative is asking you to borrow money?

Are you easily to say Yes? Are you going to check out what is going on?

My principle on borrowing money is simple, if people need the money for emergency like medical fees, education fees, natural disaster… I’ll definitely do my best to help. However, if usage of money only meant to satisfy personal sensual desires like to buy more material things, to do house renovation and others related to personal want and not “need”. I’ll say No as the money can’t help the people to have awakening, he or she might keep on pursuing and also depending on “external monetary support” to satisfy his or her needs. They might continuously on their habitual and no chance for them to transform.

In actual fact, we are not helping them and this is not the act of kindness but the act of  bringing more “suffering” in their life.

Even though, sometimes we might being associated as “So cruel”, So Stingy”, “Not compassion at all”… Why bother if we are taking the right action?

As such, when we make any decision, please contemplate by using your compassion and wisdom. If only based on mere compassion, sometimes, you might not make a wise decision. Always ask yourself are you bringing awakening to people or only further to develop his or her greediness?









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