Live a simple life…

You don't need to own something in order to be happy… You can enjoy ultimate happiness when you are as free as, as light as a cloud.

You don’t need to own something in order to be happy. You can enjoy ultimate happiness when you are as free as, as light as a cloud. Live life simple and be contended. You can free yourself!!!

I am very blessed that I am surrounded by kind, nice and wonderful people around. I learned a lot from them through their action and kind thoughts. My lovely sister is also one of the role model who shown a great “contentment” in life. She is so happy with whatever she has in life.

Most of us, we subscribe to data plan so we can online anytime. Yet, my lovely sister, she doesn’t subscribe to any data plan as she said she doesn’t need it. During working hour, she can be focus in her work as no chatting needed. At home, she can online anytime.  Besides, she is driving her little car about 10 years and she doesn’t want to change to a new car as her car is still in good condition and she can travel to work. To her, this is enough even though she is affordable for data plan or even to get a new car.

She just want to live life to simplest with no burden, no commitment and least desires, most important she is contended, happy and live freely and lightly with her life.

Another kind virtue that I can learn from her is whenever anybody need help, charity aid, she is so generous in donation without thinking twice, in order to help others to relieve suffering

The happiness we are getting from helping others is much higher than the happiness from material, fame, profit, power, position gain. Once we see a smiling faces, its worth for whatever effort we put in.

Why not live a simple life, be contended and share your happiness with others? What is more important than bringing more happy faces in life?

“When you are happy, I am happy too.

When you are well, I am well too.

When you are at peace, I am at peace too.”

May you be always happy, well and peace!!!






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