Are you loving yourself?

We are all interconnected!

We are all interconnected to everyone and everything in the universe! Love others like you love yourself!

This morning, I had a minor cut on my thumb when I was peeling papaya skin. Immediately, I felt the sharp pain before the blood flow out from the minor wound and I applied antiseptic and stopped the bleeding.

Even though, the wound is so minor yet the pain was sharp. This incident made me to further contemplate the tremendous pain that our animal friends need to endure during the slaughtering process. One of the reason why am I quitting my meat-eating with a sudden as I felt the pain that our animal friends need to go through in order to give their life to us as food. My heart is “bleeding”, like a sharp knife cutting over my body. In reality, we don’t need to take meat for our survival, plenty of scientific report shown us that we can get complete nutrition from plants, and we can live well.

One of my friend asked me, “Are you still a vegetarian?” My answer was, “Of course, Yes. This will be my life long diet.” My friend said “Wow! How can you be so strong in your diet? You are not craving for meat?” My answer is simple, “Once you know there is no difference of all beings except their form, We are one and we are connected with each others. I wanted so much to bring happiness to others, and being vegetarian is one of the way to give happiness to our animal friends, to save environment and to reduce the release carbon dioxide, of course, to take care of my health and I feel lighter, fresher and healthier after taking vegetarian diet for about 5 years. This is my love to all beings.”

If someone force you to be a vegetarian, you might not able to sustain for long as this is not what you want. Once you feel the connectivity, imagine you are one of the animal in the slaughter-house awaiting for the process of dying, the helpless, the hope to survive, fear, tension, stress, anger, hatred…. compassion arisen from deep in your heart… you are not willing animal friends being killed as your food. You want them to live happily and freely. Automatically, you are going to change your diet.


“If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.” By Buddha




7 responses to “Are you loving yourself?

  1. I agree. Where there is so much (tasty) choice and alternative to meat, turning vegetarian isn’t as difficult a process as many think.

    I have not eaten meat for 3 months and feel so much healthier as a result.

    The harder part is removing dairy, perhaps I will get there too one day.

    Check out this Ted talk on life longevity (which mentions moving to more vegetable based diet a lot), I found this fascinating!

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