The beauty of life…

Nature is sharing their best teaching to us. Do spend time with nature!

Nature is sharing their best teaching to us. You are beautiful no matter which stage of life you are at now! You are what you think!

Recently, My lovely mum is not feeling well as she is suffering from knee and back pain. We can feel her pain and suffering. What our family can do is to give our best blessings to her, to reduce her burden on chores and also to give our strong moral support.

However, we shared with her “Sickness is part of our “package deal” as human, even though our body is sick, don’t ever let our mind to be affected.

“Pain is unavoidable, suffering is optional.” By Buddha.

It’s great to spend time to contemplate the profound teaching from Buddha, it’s like being shot by 2 arrows. We are not resisting the unavoidable pain from first arrow which cause physical pain, like toothache, body pain, headache and others pain. However, What we can do is not to add any of mental suffering to physical suffering or get involved of frustrating, demoralized, negative chain of emotional to escape the inescapable.

We might know well on the “Birth, Aging, Sickness and death” is unavoidable. We can accept this well when this process happen to others. However, are you ready when this process happen to you? Some of us, we might reject immediately and start the thinking process of finding excuses, blaming, trap ourselves in negative emotion which never help us to relieve our suffering but to give double suffering to ourselves and also people surrounding us.

Be blessing when you are healthy, and fully understand on the “impermanence of life” which our body can fall sick anytime or without any prior notice. Even when you are sick, treat as the best moment to practice mindfulness and also to live with the sickness.

Life is the best teacher…. Experience & Explore the beauty of life!





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