Have a peaceful day!


Be peace of mind, don't trap yourself in self blame, again and again. You deserved a happy life!

Be peace of mind, don’t trap yourself in self blame, again and again. You deserved a happy life!

This morning, When I was on the way to work, I saw a massive jam from my normal route. Of course, there was another way to go to work and I believed “perhaps the jam was temporary and it’ll be better.” Moreover, I checked with my phone apps, It stated the normal arrival time without indication of any hazardous. As such, I followed my usual route, however it was more serious than what I imagined. The traffic was standstill and after quite sometime, police was there and redirect the traffic, road closure in front as I can only see very “Hazy and dusty”, I thought the haze was getting worst as we don’t even can see what happen.

I followed the redirected route, heavy traffic and time passed. If I continue my journey to work, for sure I’ll be late and I made a decision to take half day leave. So, I u-turned back home with peace at mind.

This is a great lesson to learn, some of us when we make a wrong decision, we might immediately start with self-blame, we always ask, “What if I follow….”, “How stupid I am to….” Why are we punished ourselves for something passed and keep disturbed our peaceful mind? Besides, there is nothing you can do to reverse the time? Why not let go and live life peacefully?

No matter what decision you make, just ensure you are at peace and ease. When the incident passed, just let go. Am sure you are not going to eat left over food again and again as it might turn toxic. It’s same as what happened in past. Accept, let go and move on.

Have a peaceful day!







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