live well now…

Live well now… The most precious moment in your life!

Live well now… The most precious moment in your life!

Are you mindful to live well at this moment of time?

It’s great to always remind ourselves to live well now. We’ve wasted so much time to think about past and future, forget to be at now, to be free, light and happy.

Yesterday, I worked as volunteer, a group of aunties took part in a Dharma course and they were so concern and asked about the parking rate. I shared with them, it cost about USD $3 for full day and they felt the parking rate was a bit high, as such they wanted to park at elsewhere nearby with cheaper rate. However, the Dharma class was going to start soon and not enough time to re-park their car. I gave them my advice that why not be peace and let our mind to settle down, if we were too disturbed by the parking rate, there is no way we can be at now and we can’t be mindful on the class.” One of the aunty, immediately understood and she said, “You are right. Thanks for reminding. Be at now!”

Think about it, we are always being disturbed by little things and we are always not at now as we create so much past and future thoughts in our mind. We missed the most important moment without realization. Why not let go and free ourselves from being tied strongly by past and future? We can save so much mind energy and you feel so fresh and energetic.  Try to be mindful on yourself, you know how tired you are if your mind keep wander from past and future.




7 responses to “live well now…

  1. I hesitated to “like” this post, because I like to contemplate about things. But then I realized I like to ‘medicate’ by, for instance, fully concentrate on peeling potatoes, giving each one a detailed service… 😉

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