Are you a Bodhisattva?

Like the sun ray, giving the same brightness, warm to all beings!

Like the sun ray, giving the same brightness, warm to all beings! Let’s do it!

We might forget how blessed that we can chew and also bite on food.

Last 2 weeks, I had tooth nerve pain and undergone root canal treatment. Everyday, I was on soup and porridge diet as I can only chew or bite on one side of my tooth.  Some of us, we might associate with “so bad luck that I have toothache.” However, I learned a great lesson from the tooth pain.

I can live well with simplest lifestyle and having almost same type of food. Besides, I started my body cleansing and purification since I can’t chew and bite well. Obviously, I lose some weight and feel more energetic as body is lighter and cleaner. Moreover, I live peacefully with the tooth nerve pain without taking any painkiller. I am grateful to the practice of meditation.

Finally, I had my final treatment on root canal today. My deepest gratitude to my friend for recommending a good dentist who is so professional, kind and also good in explanation.  He shared on my tooth condition in detail and also method of treatment. During, the process of root canal, one of my root was narrow and the dentist was spent a lot of time to remove the nerve, he kept asking, “Are you ok?” “Do you need rest?” At that moment of time, The dentist was just like a Bodhisattva who is relieving suffering with loving kindness and compassion.

It reminded me that any one of us can be “Bodhisattva” and share our kindness in whatever we are doing whether in our daily life, family, working and others. How important to relieve suffering and give happiness, confident and support to others in any moment of life.

Bodhisattva is not a statue, you, me and us can be Bodhisattva.

Share our loving-kindness and compassion to all beings!




9 responses to “Are you a Bodhisattva?

  1. I look into my suffering to see what I don’t know. I find a connection to sonethingif can’t explain but I pass it on in my writing.
    It speaks to me in growing clarity. My ego before made to much noise for me to hear it. Now in my struggle or speaks in a whisper but my mind quiets and I can listen.
    So my pain, struggle and suffering are not bad. They have allowed me to see the path I am to follow.
    It doesn’t scare me anymore.
    I thank you for letting the spirit speak through you that I may listen too.

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