When you are happy, I am too…

Recently, Little Black is less appetite to eat, he eat so less and become more skinny. Little Black is not a strong and healthy cat as he took too much medication since young. Even though, we take care of his diet with organic cat food, vitamins and he is still a bit weak.

My mum suggested to change cat food as Little Black might be sick with the same food for some time before we take him to Vet again. We are very much concern he need to undertake any medication. I decided to online to search for the best cat food based on the review and studies. I spend sometimes to read, to understand and most important to search where can I buy that particular of brand. Limited information I can get, so I call the petshop one by one to check whether they carry that brand with smaller package. If I order big package, I concern whether they love or dislike the food and moreover it might be soggy.

Finally, I was truly happy when I am able to source the brand and brought home for our lovely Little Black. The stock is limited as imported brand and slightly high price. My friends asked me, “Why are you spend so much time to search online and call, to look for the best cat food?” My answer was simple, ” We love our family members and we want to give the best to them. We can’t be ignorant and pretend we don’t know and yet it’s so convenient to access to information by one click. What is more important than a happy face from our family members!”

When I got home, Immediately I shared the new food with Little Black, finally he was eating happily. Our family was truly happy when we see him eating again. This is the good lesson to practice unconditional love, no barrier of love even though in difference form. Nothing is more happy than bringing happiness to other’s life!

I am blessed!

He slept soundly after having his happy full meal...

He slept soundly after having his happy full meal… So satisfied!

Nothing is more important than bringing happiness to others. Truly blessed!

Nothing is more important than bringing happiness to others. I am smiling from deep in my heart…Truly blessed!







15 responses to “When you are happy, I am too…

  1. Sweetheart, I have several special cats who stop eating now and again and I feed them by hand until they start eating on their own. I recently too changed food brands and my one cat who I was feeding and loosing weight like your baby, started eating again. I too will feed my cats only the best foods, or what I believe to be the best foods. I care for 14 special cats, some with pretty tough physiological issues going on, and only one is on allopathic meds. All the rest I treat naturally. I know you are studying to be a doctor, yet this push for all these drugs is so wrong. I have several cats who have problems due to the massive amounts of drugs they received before they came into our lives. I also have one who was dying as a tiny kitten and we had no choice but to put him on powerful antibiotics due to he being septic. Eleven years later we are seeing the affects of those meds still. I encourage you to feed your baby until he fattens up. I will be the first to tell you the effort is so worth it!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Thanks for sharing, Amy. I agreed with you and believe strongly on natural healing. We will let both of our little cats to do self healing before we bring them to visit Vet. What we can do is to offer the best food, clean water and lots of love to them. Cheers!

      • Now I do have a question for you. How to you propose to adapt to western medicine who heavily medicates with drugs that are many times unnecessary? Medicine needs more people like YOU who believe in natural healing … that is the true art of healing, not all these vaccines and drugs and procedures and surgeries. I’ve just recently found a Vet who understands my frame of mind but before that it has been a bloody nightmare fighting to maintain that my cats are getting quality care naturally without drugs, vaccines and procedures. I encourage you to stay strong because you will need to. The system of medicine both human and animal alike preach they know what is best for the client by pushing not health but in actuality many times, death. This is a hot topic for me, so if I have overstepped my boundaries with you, please let me know. ❤

      • Hi! I am a practitioner of natural healing and I believe strongly that our body can heal by itself through our powerful immune system. Most important, slow down, be mindful and listen to your body. Let’s your food be your best medicine. Always check what food are you taking? I am a vegetarian, taking organic food diet to give my little effort to preserve the environment and also my health. Besides, Please take good care of your mind too. “You are what you think”. It’s great to practice meditation to maintain hygiene and healthy mind and also remember to do exercise. One of the good remedy to stay healthy, “Smile always and bring happiness to others.” As for my lovely cats, I try my very best not to give them western medicine until they can heal by themselves. I am still learning the natural healing for cats, do share your tips. May you be well and happy! Cheers!

      • OH, Sweetheart, I am SO sorry, I got you confused with someone else. I thought you were studying to be a doctor. I talk to SO many people so therein lies the confusion. My apologies. I was an RN and due to a severe back injury which changed my life, I am no longer working. If I could work, I wouldn’t. I no longer believe in the system that at one time I had every faith in. I am self taught in several modalities of healing. I give my cats and myself only whole organic foods. I have yet to be a vegetarian 100% yet that is my goal. I treat myself and my cats with Homeopathy and herbs and when necessary, allopathic meds. I have one cat who has CHF who has been on allopathic meds for many years yet due to those same meds I am now treating her with herbs to promote healing to her kidneys which one of the meds is harming. I am not licensed so am very careful with what I say regarding alternative methods of healing. It is very challenging to keep up with all the special cats we have and it seems that they respond to a certain modality, plateau out, and I have to figure out what next. So I do a lot of changing between doses of herbs and Homeopathy. I am far from having all the answers, but darn it, I truly am trying. Just finally finding a Vet who agrees with me that vaccinating an immune compromised cat is not in that cat’s best interest is such a relief, so much so I burst into tears. These Vets push these drugs ruthlessly no matter how ill the cat is. Even a healthy cat should not be subjected to such horrible drugs as they are being subjected to. I could talk your ear off all day about this. Like I said, this is a hot subject for me, one that most people are not open to. Bless you for walking the path you are!!! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Cats are meant to eat wild game so if you can find raw food that should work well. Most of the packaged pet foods sold in vet stores are made with corn and corn by-products, which both dogs and cats were not meant to eat.

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