live with wisdom…

May you live in wisdom and not being fooled by the "up side down world mundane."

May you live in wisdom and not being fooled by the “up side down world mundane.”

Sometimes, we might associate of “superstitious”  with people with low education and less exposure. Based on our perception, we might think that people who are highly educated are so smart and definitely they know how to differentiate what is right or wrong, the truth and others.

We overheard one of the conversation of 2 highly educated people….

A: ” Do you keep any “God” photos in your mobile phone?”

B: “Why?”

A: “My priest asked us to delete any of the “God” photos in mobile phone as this act can trap “God” in mobile phone as no exit.”

We are shocked as a highly educated people accepted this “sharing” and also continuously to share with others without using right understanding to contemplate whether “Is it the truth?”

This is a good lesson that we must listen, contemplate, practice and then only accept as the truth even though the teaching from our teacher. If you are unsure, please do not spread to others.

Some of us, we are so emotional when we heard something, we might overact based on the “wrong” info which we believe its right. Don’t jump to conclusion, give yourself a quiet time to contemplate whether is it the truth. Sit quietly, meditate, you know the best answer. Wisdom arises from inner. The more still you are, your inner wisdom is blossom like the open up of pedal of lotus flowers.

“May all beings grow in wisdom and awakened!”





9 responses to “live with wisdom…

  1. I had met many well-educated person whom believe in superstitious things. And reading this… Well, we can’t judge people from any of their attributes. Thanks for sharing it LiJiun. As always, love reading your posts

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