beautiful heart…

How beautiful is the home-grown Banana!

How beautiful is the Organic home-grown Banana! We are touched with a beautiful gratitude heart 

We received the beautiful organic home-grown banana from our neighbor’s maid. She was given the best banana to my lovely mother as the great gesture to return my mother’s kindness. This is the best she can afford to give. We are touched for her beautiful and a heart of gratitude.

My mother always shown us a great example on giving kindness and compassion to others selflessly. My mother will give and share home-cook food and beverage to our neighbor’s maid as she understood that the maid actually need love and caring as she is alone in Malaysia.

Besides, my lovely mum also feeding lizard with rice grain in kitchen as the little lizard is helping to get rid of mosquitoes. My lovely mother is continuously shown us the spirit of giving selflessly to all beings.

The small gesture of kindness is much appreciated and able to touch the heart of others. Why not practicing kindness selflessly?

Always remember when you are touching other’s heart, you are actually touching your own heart!

You are the happiest people!




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