Have a strong mind!!!

What is in your mind when you look at this photo?

What is in your mind when you look at this photo?

Are you surprise to see the leaves turn to brown and yellow?

Are you sad or are you keep questioning “Why this happened?” “Why can’t leaves stay green?

Are you associate this scene as beautiful or ugly?

Are you accepting this is the norm and the cycle of life?

Some of us, we love to complain when we are sick. We might keep asking, “Why am I sick? “Why me?” Some might even blame on “luck”, “Oh, How unlucky I am!”, Some might react in  remorse and regret as not taking good care of their health in the past.

When you are sick, if the Doctor asked you, “How are you?”

How do you answer?

“There is something wrong with me, I got sick.”

Let’s contemplate, Why are we assume “Something wrong” when we are sick? We are aware that our body will get sick, and every one of us need to go through, “Birth”, “Aging”, “sick” and “death”. This is the truth in life. As such, when you are sick, definitely not “something wrong”, its “something right”

Next time, when you visit a doctor, why not answer ” I am all-right, my body is sick.”

Sometimes, My lovely mum also will share with us that her body in pain and she is not feeling well. Of course, we’ll listen patiently and also try our best to give moral support and comfort her. However, I shared the truth with my mum that, “When we are getting old, our health will gradually go downhill and our body is suffering. This is norm. Most important, accept this “truth” and don’t let your body discomfort to effect your mind. Your mind must remain strong.” It’s similar that don’t let one arrow to hurt you twice.

Your body suffering will go away when you don’t complain, don’t put in your past experience, don’t inject “Fear”, “Worry”, “Stress”, “Tension”, Phobia”… Accept it with open heart and understand this is a norm and part and parcel in our life. Live your happy life even though if you are sick.

Have a strong mind!





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