How blessed that I can take a morning walk in the garden! I am alive and able to continue my spiritual practice! Bravo!

How blessed that I can take a morning walk in the garden! I am alive and able to continue my spiritual practice for a new day! Bravo!

Some of us, we love to look outward for happiness.

We need “external” stuffs to make us happy, like

Enjoy a good movie, family and friend gathering, enjoy good food, a nice cup of coffee or tea, listen to nice music, shopping, buy or own something like luxury watch, handbag, clothes, car, bungalow, latest gadgets, vacation, exercise, playing games, sport, promotion, compliment, praise, huge saving in bank, and others.

Why are we love to link and associate happiness with “things” or “somethings”?

There are so many reasons for you to be happy in your life, you need nothing to be happy, just look inward…

When you wake up in the morning, you are still breathing…how blessed that you are alive for another new day!

Your body is healthy, you can walk, run, jump, talk, listen, eat, smell, reading, working, move around…

Your mind is healthy, you are in peace, calm, serenity, you are liberate!

What a great treasure you are having in life without your realization. Look inward, you are the most treasure gem. No need to spend your whole life to run like mad to chase for external “belonging” in the name of “Happiness”. Always remember you are the fountain of happiness.

Last few days, I am facing tooth pain, based on my past experience, it might related to nerve as the pain is throbbing and I can feel the referred pain around my other teeth. I can’t even identify which tooth was causing the pain. Sometimes, we might think it’s really bad when we are in pain. However, we can alway look for positive lessons out of pain. When I observe the pain, I knew exactly how is like, how the pain going around my teeth. Of course, the best thing is I am at now, I am with my tooth pain, most important, don’t put suffering to your mind, accept the pain and gradually the pain is lessen.

“Physical pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” by Ajahn Brahm.

It’s all depend on how do you handle your sickness. We must fully understand and accept that our body can be fall on sick in any moment of life. The best thing is to accept and look for the best remedies to heal. Don’t reject, finding excuses, self blame, inject worry, fear, tension, stress to your mind, this will only incurred more pain and suffering. Body is sick, mind is remain strong.

Most of us, we remembered the pain and associated as “suffering” but we forgot to feel blessed and happy when you are free from tooth pain. Just imagine, how many days you are facing tooth pain and how many days you are free from tooth pain? Thinking about this, enough for you to be happy!

Smile always!












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