be honest…

Be honest to yourself and live your life happily!

Be honest to yourself and live your life happily!

What is right? What is wrong? What is truth? What is lie?

How do you make evaluation?

How do you know that you are making right decision?

How do you know you are heading for finding the truth?

Sometimes, we love to argue with people on different topics based on our limited understanding and perception. We might also “Attack” and “Reject” on other’s belief and culture. Have you ever open up your heart to accept and understand? Have you ever think about your limited wisdom is actually blocking you to know the truth, to see and understand beyond?

Why not open your heart before you make immediate judgement?

There is a lot of upside down incident happened just around us.  You are aware that someone is tell lies and yet the liar still can be so confident and shared with everyone that he or she is so innocent and honest. Sometimes, people can be open their eyes, cover up their “consciences” and continuously to tell lies as like nothing happen. This group of people might even psycho themselves that they are doing right things.

How can people be transformed if they think they are doing right thing?

How should you do when you are dealing with “liar”?

Perhaps you can share with them when timing is right yet in reality, it’s hard to convince them when they believe they are honest. The best way is “Distance yourself” and also shared with others, so no one can be victim.

Most important, don’t hate them and treat them like Bodhisattva, who is actually reminded you be honest in your life.








6 responses to “be honest…

  1. Thanks for sharing the thoughts. I guess that asking a right question may be more important than getting an answer, sometimes. When someone asks the question like you mentioned in the beginning “What is right? What is wrong? What is truth? What is lie?”, he could quite possibly have the answer in mind. The above question is probably as valuable as an answer, that might not be needed.

    I learn a technique to bring me peace is: When the thoughts of “What is right? What is wrong? What is truth? What is lie?” come up, I might just be aware of the matters happening, and let them come and go without processing them; and just focus on the question: Am I having some progress in life today?

    • Thanks for sharing! I love one of profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm, ” There is no right or wrong decision, only a decision with consequences.” Are you ready to be responsible and face the consequence? Have a great weekend! Cheers!

  2. For me, dualism (truth vs lie, good vs bad) is typically a path to conflict. Life is a subjective experience so things are never truly polar opposites, the truth is invariably lies somewhere in the middle.

    No one has the overall authority to define what is right and what is not, but those that choose the path of love and not fear will know the difference.

    Wisdom is the bi-product of an open mind, and it is only through the experience of life and contrast can we gain it.

    • Thanks for sharing! Change your mindset, you’ll see the world differently. There is no absolute good or bad.Most important, you must ready to accept the consequences from your action. Happy weekend! Cheers!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!

    Don’t become disheartened by deception.
    Sri Krsna was a liar, thief, murderer. But he was also the Hindu embodiment of the Absolute. He was foremostly able to identify deception and then deal with it appropriately even if that meant playing by their rules.

    Which is exactly what you are saying in this post. My advice is the same: Know the liar, handle your reaction to them and remain strong. The worse thing is letting it continue and suffering as a result 🙂

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