“Missing in action”

Thank you Miss Mimi for sharing a beautiful life lesson. We are grateful to have her in our life.

Thank you Miss Mimi for sharing a beautiful life lesson. We are grateful to have her in our life.

Yesterday, I was home late as busy with office work. My mum shared with us that “Miss Mimi was not home since 5 pm. about 4 hours “missing in action”. This was unusual as Miss Mimi will only hang out about an hour and she’ll be home. Take a rest, a few bite and go out to play again. We knew definitely something happen to her.

We give freedom to our 2 little beings, Little Black and Miss Mimi, they can play around in our garden and also neighborhood. Usually, they will not go so far away and they know the way home.

As such, we went and looked for her, we are worried maybe Miss Mimi met with an accident, attacked by snake or dog… and others. We continued our search and kept calling her name…. We were glad that we never see her little body on the road.

Our family love her very much as she was with us since kitten, her weight only 700 gram. We missed her and hope she can make her way home. Her “missing” was a great lesson for us to deepen our understanding on “impermanence of life.” Anything can happen anytime without prior notice. Besides, we can experience the “attachment”, “the love”.. How challenging to relieve ourselves in the prison of “attachment” and to accept “uncertainty” or “sudden death”.

It was hard for me to have a deep slept as I kept recall the best moment we celebrated our life together, worry about her whether alive, facing hunger, thirsty, fear, worry, stress or in pain or death, where was she heading? I am blessed that I followed spiritual practice and immediately I started to do chanting, I gave my best blessing to Miss Mimi, if she was alive, “May her be safe and return home.” and if she died, “May she not reborn in 3 lower realm. May she relieve from suffering.”  Gradually, my mind and heart are in peace, I accepted her “missing” calmly.

We are blessed that Miss Mimi was home at 2 am, this morning safely without any injury. She was out from home for 9 hours. Of course, she can’t share with us where was she.

Thank you Miss Mimi for a beautiful life lesson.




6 responses to ““Missing in action”

  1. Beautiful story. Cats are very oriented by sound and smell. If you have a bell or other sound which Miss Mimi recognizes from home, if she is ever missing for a while again you can walk with the bell and it could help to find her. Sometimes cats have to run from a predator and then they find themselves outside their smell and sound zone and can’t find their way home. But I’m very glad she wandered back to you. 🙂 And thank you for your wise and beautiful posts.

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